Are your social media skills as good as your racing skills?

Are you looking for a little more publicity for your race team on a corporate level? Then Racepak is looking for you.

Alex Hays | 2017 Team Racepak | Drag Radial

Team Racepak is a unique, digital social media campaign designed to provide the opportunity for selected teams to own a free Racepak data logger package in exchange for the social media documentation of your racing season and experiences.

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What You Get

If chosen to be part of Team Racepak you will receive one of the following data loggers based on your vechicle setup.

Sportsman Data Logger

Sportsman Data Logger

Engine RPM, Driveshaft RPM, 2 axis g meter, Volts, and a 12v event marker.

IQ3 Data Logger Dash

IQ3 Data Logger Dash

Engine RPM, 3 axis g meter, GPS speed, GPS lap time and lap number, gear indicator, shift and warning Lights.

IQ3D Drag Logger Dash

IQ3D Drag Logger Dash

Engine RPM, Driveshaft RPM, Volts, Water Temperature, and Oil Pressure.

You Also Get

Along with your choose of data logger you will also receive the following.

Two Pressure
V-Net Modules

Two Temperature
V-Net modules


Team Racepak

Team Racepak

Racepak Swag

Racepak Hooded

Team Racepak

If applicant already has a data logger, they are still encouraged to apply. If chosen, that person would have the choice of the data logger or data logger value in credit towards other racepak products to upgrade their current system.

Valerie Clements | 2017 Team Racepak | Outlaw Street